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Emergency Needs and Financial Support

The JFCS Critical Needs funds are used to help alleviate a temporary financial crisis for people who are generally lower income and/or experiencing a one-time crisis.  JFCS' funds are typically used to pay for basic needs items: rent/mortgage, utilities, food, medical costs, urgent home repairs/appliances, clothing, funeral expenses, or other miscellaneous/unusual needs.

To qualify, the client must be Jewish and receiving services from our agency.  The client must have applied for all government entitlement program for which they are eligible.  The client must be willing to disclose their financial resources and engage with JFCS social workers to work on a realistic budget and a plan towards stabilization.  Proof of income and copies of bills must be provided.   Upon receiving financial assistance, the client will also work with JFCS’ credit counselor.

Chesed Venture
It is a Jewish tradition to recognize that those within the community may face difficult circumstances that require a helping hand.  Even solidly middle-class households can stumble upon hard times and the Chesed Venture is a response to this need.  The Chesed Venture, created through generous funding of private donors, was established to broaden the safety net to include middle-income Jewish families and individuals who may face an episodic emergency.  JFCS assists individuals and families in the 5-county area who struggle when faced with a temporary financial crisis.  Such a crisis might include a medical problem, the sudden death of one of the wage-earning adults in the household, a divorce, sudden job loss or other serious situations.  The funds must be used to help with a temporary hardship while someone has a realistic plan to re-stabilize their lives. 

The Bridge
Created through generous funding from private donors, The Bridge provides grants to low and middle-income, Jewish individuals facing an economic hardship, to ultimately help them get beyond their crisis. A grant from this fund will stabilize the client; will provide financial assistance above the maximum support JFCS is able to allocate through existing Critical Needs Program resources; and will provide financial assistance for basic needs: food, mortgage and rent relief, transportation, utilities, medical insurance and necessary home repairs. The client’s expenses/income will be fully assessed by a JFCS care manager and the grant will be paid directly to the vendor upon receipt of proper documentation/substantiation of need.

Seth's Picks
This funding source provides a small grant for a child(ren) to enrich their lives and provide for an educational, recreational, or cultural opportunity that they would not otherwise be able to afford.  Examples include: grants for music lessons, camp, special uniforms or clothing, school supplies, and/or class trips.  To be eligible, the household must be already actively receiving some services from JFCS.  All funds are paid directly to the vendor.

Project Empower
Created by professionals throughout the community, this funding source provides clients with financial assistance throughout JFCS' 6 program service areas. The client needs are fully assessed by JFCS social workers.

JFCS College Scholarship Program
JFCS’ annual scholarship awards will be up to a maximum of $2,000 per year and can be used for tuition, room and board, and other costs associated with attending college. To be eligible, the student must be Jewish and live in the 5 county Philadelphia area, and must be a high school student entering college. The student does not need to be a client of the agency to apply.  

General Special Needs Funds
These funds are used to pay for cultural/recreation experiences for JFCS adult clients who would not otherwise be able to afford these activities.  Grants include: art classes; tickets to concerts, operas, plays or the movies; memberships to the museums; memberships to the JCC; adult school night; and swimming pool membership

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