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Silver Wheels Volunteer Transportation Services

Seniors Need You: Help Steer an Older Adult in the Right Direction
With JFCS' Silver Wheels Volunteer Transportation Services Choose Who, Where and When You Drive. Volunteering is Easy! Be part of JFCS' Silver Wheels Volunteer Program and provide easy, accessible, and affordable transportation for older adults.

Silver Wheels volunteer drivers help older adults get to:

  • Non-emergency medical appointments
  • Food shopping
  • Banks
  • Pharmacies
  • Visiting friends and loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Social activities
  • And much more...

"Compared with those who still drive, older non-drivers make 15% fewer trips to the doctor, 59% fewer shopping trips and visits to restaurants, and 65% fewer trips for social, family, and religious activities."
-American Public Transportation Association

Help and older adult reconnect with these important activities. Volunteer today!

Click Here to view a pdf flyer of this Silver Wheels Volunteer Transportation Services volunteer opportunity.

For more information, contact Robin Henkin, 267.256.2082 or