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Meet Barbara

I am a 52-year-old mother of two and a successful career woman who lives in Elkins Park. I contacted JFCS in tears, and wrought with anxiety over my recent lay-off from a long-standing, high-level managerial position in a telecommunications company. My husband is disabled and cannot work. My children are 12 and 20 - the older of the two is a full-time student at Temple University. My unemployment benefits and my daughter's part-time wages do not cover the household expenses. My family does not have health insurance, and as a result, our financial crisis escalated after I was hospitalized for one week with pneumonia - resulting in an enormous medical bill. My family exhausted our entire savings, and I was often forced to choose between food and other basic needs.

JFCS Steps In: JFCS accessed the Critical Needs Fund to pay my family's delinquent gas and water bills, and provided us with emergency supermarket vouchers on a monthly basis. Today, despite my hospital stay, I continue to look for employment and even went on a job interview two days after my hospital discharge. I receive counseling regularly for my anxiety, as well as job search support through JFCS' collaborative efforts with JEVS.

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