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Meet Beth

I am a 31-year-old single mother of a baby boy named Lucas. I am employed full-time as a social worker for a local organization that advocates for the homeless population and I live in a small apartment in Philadelphia. Due to complications stemming from the C-section birth of my son, I had to undergo surgery to correct lingering medical issues. I was required to take six weeks of unpaid leave from work for the surgery and necessary recuperation. While my employer held my job for me until I was medically cleared to work, I was in a panic about how I would pay my basic expenses with no income.

JFCS Steps In: JFCS understood that I needed help to stabilize my finances during this emergency situation. Through the Crisis Line Fund, JFCS was able to provide funding towards my rent, utility costs, and food stipends throughout my recovery. Without JFCS help, I would have fallen behind on my rent, incurring long-term debt from my landlord. JFCS financial assistance and emotional compassion provided me with the hope I needed during this difficult and unexpected situation.

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