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Meet Erica

I am a 35-year-old mother of four children - all under the age of seven. I was living a life of physical and emotional abuse for as long as I could remember. First with my parents, then with my husband of eight years - a police officer. Between the punching, the irate screaming, and the death threats, my home became a violent and scary place. I finally found the strength to leave the home, but that brave act was met with even more abuse - my parents sided with my estranged husband, and all three of them spent the months that followed my departure verbally abusing me in front of the children, destroying all of my personal belongings, and making death threats.

JFCS Steps In: I contacted JFCS just days after leaving my husband. I immediately received counseling for myself, as well as my children, and guidance in developing a realistic short-term and long-term plan for safety and stability. I also received financial assistance through the Critical Needs Fund to help me with the costs of starting over, such as rent, a security deposit, and furniture for a small apartment, child-care costs, and food vouchers. Today, I have a full-time job, my children have adjusted well to their new life, and they are no longer exposed to their father's and grandparents' abuse.

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