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Meet Sidney

I am an 89-year-old gentleman who never married. With assistance from a JFCS social worker, I have been living independently in a condominium in Northeast Philadelphia for over 25 years. I carefully manage my meager monthly income of $997. At a recent visit from my social worker, they noticed that my kitchen floor was worn and was becoming a tripping hazard. My budget made it impossible for me to pay for this crucial home repair.

JFCS Steps In: Mindful of how devastating a fall can be to an elderly person, and concerned that any type of injury could ultimately affect my ability to live alone, the social worker contacted the Critical Needs department to discuss the possibility of replacing my floor. After reviewing two repair bids obtained by my social worker, a grant from the Critical Needs Fund was used to pay for a new floor, installed the next day. Today, I continue to live safely and comfortably in my own home.

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