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Open Arms Adoption Network

Open Arms Adoption Network is committed to helping build strong, healthy adoptive families. Open Arms believes that adoption is an enriching and wonderful way to form a family and a great option for a woman not prepared to parent at the current time. Open Arms is dedicated to providing you with a lifetime of support and education.

Open Arms Adoption Network is licensed under JFCS of Greater Philadelphia and has offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. JFCS has facilitated thousands of adoptions during its rich 155-year history. Every day Open Arms Adoption Network is grateful for the agency's legacy in the community and every day they seek to build on that positive legacy by facilitating healthy, child- centered adoptions. You can depend on Open Arms integrity and compassion to do all they can to support and guide you through this journey.


A Year of Program Impact: 

31 adoptions were finalized

105 birth parents received counseling

200 people attended an adoption picnic in the spring

660 professionals were trained by Open Arms staff

What our Clients are Saying:

“Cheryl was an excellent, well-prepared, and experienced presenter. Her advice is invaluable. She gave us lots to process and think about and really made us feel welcome and confident about Open Adoption. Thank you!” --Jan and Stephen

To be directed to the Open Arms Adoption Website, Click Here or call 1.888.OPENARMS (1.888.673.6276).