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The Fertility Fund: A Gift From the Heart

When couples are confronted with the upsetting news that they suffer from infertility, it may be suggested that they undergo fertility treatments in order to start the family they have always dreamt about. These treatments can be quite expensive.

Thanks to an anonymous donor family, JFCS recently launched The Fertility Fund: A Gift From the Heart, available to help Jewish couples in the Philadelphia region experience the greatest gift in the world-the gift of life.  The fund is a need-based program that helps subsidize the sometimes prohibitive financial costs of fertility treatments that are not covered by insurance.  Supportive counseling from JFCS clinicians who have personal and/or professional  experience is also available to help couples navigate their unique path through the fertility treatment process. 

The family recently came to JFCS with their story:
After being told that they had unexplained infertility, the couple found a great reproductive endocrinology team and began undergoing fertility teatments immediately.  They began with medications and intrauterine inseminations which were partially covered through their insurance company, but after several failed attempts using these methods, together with their doctors, they came to the decision to try invitro fertilization (commonly referred to as IVF).

IVF was not covered by their insurance and combined with the medications necessary for the procedure, the cost came to roughly $12,000 per cycle. They conceived their son on their second cycle of IVF. He is the most beautiful, loving, funny and smart toddler they could have ever hoped for. 

The couple explains, “We are grateful every single day that we have him and that we were able to use whatever means necessary to start our family.  We feel extremely passionate about helping other Jewish couples experience this miracle of starting their own family.” 

For more information about The Fertility Fund: A Gift From the Heart, contact JFCS at 1.866.JFCSNOW.

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