Open Arms Adoption Network Panel on Transracial Adoption

As transracial adoptions have grown significantly over the past decade, JFCS’ adoption program, Open Arms, has taken Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.45.31 PMproactive steps to meet the needs of our transracial families. Open Arms is currently the only local agency providing specifically designed transracial adoption support services.

Stefani Moon, Program Director for the Open Arms Adoption Network, explains, “Five years ago, we started a social support group called Families Like Ours (FLO) for families who had adopted transracially. The group has grown by leaps and bounds, and it was clear that we needed to expand these offerings.  Parents were asking us how to explain transracial adoption to their children, how to advocate for them, and most recently, with everything that has gone on in the news, how to protect them and help them protect themselves.  In response to this feedback, we assembled a panel of experts to discuss ‘Black and White:  Race and Racism and Implications in Transracial Adoption.’”

The panel was extremely well received; 80 people registered to attend, and guests stayed long after the presentations ended. They continued the discussion in smaller groups, connecting, supporting each other, sharing their experiences, and asking for more events like it.

JFCS is committed to meeting the changing needs of our clients. We commend Open Arms for this innovative program, for harnessing these necessary resources, and for responding thoughtfully and effectively to our clients’ needs.

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