President’s Message - JFCS of Greater Philadelphia

President’s Message

A message from our President

One of the most meaningful aspects of leading an organization like JFCS is the way I am reminded on a daily basis of how resilient individuals truly are, how much we all value our independence, and how important a sense of connection is to our sense of purpose in life.

When I see the joyful face of a 25-year old with autism who has just participated in one of our holiday celebrations, hear the gratitude of a couple who have become pregnant with help of the our Fertility Fund, or meet a student who’s participated in one of our anti-bullying programs and now feels emotionally stronger, it reinforces my awareness of the unique challenges that life can present–and reaffirms just how “in need” we all are at various times in our lives.

As a 160-year social service organization, JFCS prides itself in meeting the ever-changing needs of individuals and families across the span of a lifetime.  Beginning as the first Jewish orphanage in the country dedicated to caring for the safety and care of disadvantaged children, JFCS adapted over the years to meet the most relevant needs of children, adults, seniors and families.  Evolving from an orphanage to an organization that provides adoption and foster care services, as well as addressing the needs of the poor and disabled, we have remained committed to enhancing financial stability, safety, health, and linkage to community for all those we serve.

When you enter a JFCS office you immediately feel the warmth of our very special staff.  Everyone who is part of the JFCS team has a unique appreciation for the complexities of life and understands that each of us faces challenges every day.  It is within this framework that we offer our services, while maintaining a deep understanding of the human spirit and the inner strength that we can all access with support and guidance.

JFCS is here, whether it is in a moment of concern or crisis, a life passage or a transition.  JFCS is here to help individuals and families experience successes and cope with challenges.  We are here to enable people to lead meaningful lives and contribute to society.

So I invite you to call us when you, a family member, or a friend is in need.  We are committed to strengthening lives with our vast array of skills and services along with a caring and compassionate approach.

With warmest regards,


Paula Goldstein