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Children, Teens, & Families



Embracing, supporting, rejoicing

Today’s families are overwhelmed with information and choices. But when there’s a personal crisis, trouble at home, or questions that require real thoughtfulness, Jewish Family and Children’s Service is here to help.

The family and our children are at the heart of what we do—empower, support and aid our community’s children, teens and families so that each can reach his or her fullest capacity at home, school, and in our society.


With a commitment to helping families with the full spectrum of care management, Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia will:

  • Assess our families’ needs
  • Help develop plans for living and transition
  • Connect families to programs and support resources
  • Provide ongoing support and an implementation plan
  • Follow-up, reassess and connect our families to supportive networks

Our Clients

By providing education, support groups, programs, safe placement, and financial assistance, we serve our community’s populations directly, as well as through government and community organizations. Groups and individuals we serve include:

  • Children and family social service agencies
  • Faith-based social service agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Public, charter and private schools
  • Synagogues, churches and places of worship
  • Local civic organizations
  • Children and families with special needs (link to LWD section)
  • Families caring for older adults (link to OA section)
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Families hoping to adopt
  • Families formed by adoption
  • Adoptive children
  • Women who are pregnant and considering their options
  • Birth families of both adopted and foster-placed children
  • Children and families affected by trauma and loss
  • Supportive education groups