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Connecting the Orthodox Jewish Community

A unique initiative that serves the Orthodox community

The Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia is committed to first understanding and then ensuring that our services meet the unique needs of the people we serve.  To that end, JFCS has spent the past year extending our reach to the Orthodox Jewish community by deepening our understanding of that community and delivering services that are culturally sensitive.

We Are Pleased That We Now Serve

  • Orthodox Jewish community
  • Orthodox mental health professionals
  • Rabbis and leadership within the Orthodox community
  • General health professionals serving the Orthodox community

Ma’oz Initiative Goals

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Respond to Orthodox Jewish families’ mental health challenges, with:
  • Care management
    • Assistance with benefits, resources, and support with basic needs through times of crisis.
  • Financial empowerment
    • Resources and guidance related to budgeting and debt to increase the client’s ability to afford and manage monthly and annual expenses.
  • Supportive counseling
    • Culturally sensitive clinicians and partnerships with community Orthodox professionals will assist families needing therapy to achieve stability and growth.
  • Accessible services
    • Our supportive services are offered at times that fit in the challenging lives of our clients.  We seek to offer support in nontraditional settings to facilitate the access to care.
Engage Orthodox professionals (Rabbis, educators, administrators) around mental health challenges that may be impacting their community by:
  • Identifying mental health challenges
    • Develop a strong understanding of the varied and changing mental health issues facing our society, with a specific focus on how they impact our Jewish world.
  • Increasing JFCS service awareness
    • Increase education and awareness in the Orthodox community of JFCS’s services and supportive care
Strengthen the Orthodox Jewish community’s response to mental health challenges with:
  • Educational Opportunities
    • Implement the highest quality forum for rabbis and spouses to strengthen their capacity to respond to and address mental health issues in the community, increasing willingness of community members to seek Rabbinic support and guidance.
  • Community Engagement
    • Increase outreach efforts to serve and collaborate with the larger community (schools, synagogues, social service organizations) both locally and across the Northeast region.
Strengthen the capacity of the local professional mental health providers to ensure that these professionals are culturally sensitive to the Orthodox family
  • Professional development
    • Implement several  conferences annually for clinicians who serve the Jewish  Orthodox community.
  • Orthodox mental health professional network
    • Cultivate professional relationships and alliances with Orthodox clinicians  to deepen their understanding of the Orthodox community’s mental health  needs.  Monthly meetings will enhance partnerships, education and create a supportive and unified opportunity for professionals.
  • Foster care
    • Develop and implement a targeted initiative to engage Jewish foster care families who are prepared and available for placement as needed.
Strengthen Maternal Mental Health Support
  • Bloom Ambassadors identify newly delivered moms for outreach, engagement, and connections to resources.
  • Monthly “Mom Chats” and hosting of area experts on relevant topics.
  • Engaging partners in support of postpartum moms.
Providing Sexual Abuse Prevention to Area Day Schools
  • Magen Yeladim Safety Kid Program – This program is designed to prevent sexual abuse through messages of empowerment, personal boundaries, and control over one’s own body. Trained educators and a strong volunteer corps provide the classroom lessons.