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Connecting Parents

Special support groups and programs for parents

Parenting children of any age has unique challenges. But talking to other parents and hearing how they’ve successfully dealt with similar situations can be enormously helpful. In fact, studies have found that an individual’s self-esteem is enhanced by making and sustaining connections that are supportive.

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia  works to connect parents at all stages of family growth. We provide opportunities for support groups and clusters of workshops that help nurture and support parents as they raise their families.

Who We Serve

  • Parents-to-be
  • Parents of preschool aged children
  • Parents of school aged children
  • Parents of teenagers
  • Parents of young adults (post high school)

Parents of Preschooler Programs

  • Transition Tips to Kindergarten from Preschool
  • Temper Tantrums: The Good, Bad and the Ugly
  •  Play Time: The Best Boosts for Brain Development

Parents of School-Age Children

  • Talking to Your Child About Difficult Topics (Sadness, Loss)
  • Friendship in the Internet Age
  • Anger/Stress Management for Kids

Parents of Adolescents

  • Listening Tips that Encourage Teens to Talk
  • The Truth About E-Cigarettes and Synthetic Marijuana
  • When Your Teen is Depressed: 10 Things You Need to Do

Parents of Young Adults

  • Living with Young Adult Children: Peace with Boundaries
  • Tips for Grandparents who are Parenting
  • Sandwiched:  Managing the Stresses and Blessings of Parenting and Aging Parents

We are in challenging and unprecedented times. As we all navigate this new way of living and working together, one thing that remains constant is that JFCs is here for our clients and we are here for each other.


We are watching closely what our City, State and Federal government is saying and doing and translating that into what that means for us as an organization.


We are exploring ways to reach members of our community using the core competencies that we all have to alleviate stress and anxiety. We are communicating with many similar agencies across the country to learn more and better understand policies put forth from our Governor and the Federal government.


Many in the community want to help our clients and want to know what plans we have put in place to reach the most vulnerable.


You can be reassured we remain committed to providing the best care we can offer to all of our clients during these challenging times.


We continue to closely follow the community needs of the community we serve and how we address these ever changing needs.


JFCS is here for you and we will get through this together. Stay safe.