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Financial Stability

Budgeting and Credit Counseling

For financial peace of mind, talk to an expert

Whether you are facing an immediate crisis or just want to improve your financial situation, a JFCS credit counselor can help. By learning how to manage and control your money, you’ll gain confidence and financial stability. Knowing that you can meet your expenses and live within your means is better for your credit history and better for a good night’s sleep. JFCS counselors work with clients on a range of personal finance issues.


we’ll help you review and manage your financial resources; if necessary we’ll determine if there are community resources to help you address your needs. For first-time homebuyers, we take you through the steps to see if ownership is right for you. If you’re having trouble with housing expenses, or have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, we can help.  We can evaluate your financial status, develop a plan, and work on a budget that covers your living expenses as well as payments to creditors.

Debt Management

if you’re overextended with credit or credit card debt, a JFCS Certified Credit Counselor can review your income and expenses, educate and counsel you regarding debt, and look at ways you can reduce your monthly costs.

Certified Credit Counseling Service

Your credit history is the key to your financial future. We’ll work with you to review your report in detail, show you how the information affects your finances, and help you create an action plan that addresses your financial goals. Our credit counselors can help you understand that it is within your power to climb out of debt.  The financial literacy component of our service provides you with necessary personal financial knowledge and skills, along with real solutions for managing debt.

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia has certified credit staff and housing counselors who are ready to help you sort out your unique financial priorities. People from all walks of life come to us with challenges such as:

  • Overwhelming debt
  • Overextension of credit
  • Poor credit history
  • Health-related emergencies
  • Major life changes
  • Loss of job and reduction in income
  • Threat of bankruptcy
  • First-time homeownership
  • Foreclosure/delinquency problems
  • Paying for college with a minimum of debt

Other Financial Information

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