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Financial Care Management

We consider finances when we talk about care managementFinStability_1_ContentQuote

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia provides a full range of care management services—and financial support is a component. Our goal is always to help our clients become financially stable and self-sufficient. Knowing that needs will be met is satisfying, both emotionally and physically. Our thoughtful and comprehensive approach includes several phases.


We take a comprehensive look at a client’s financial situation, including an income and expense analysis; we identify community and public benefits that may be applicable.


We create a plan for the individual, developing a budget with specific recommendations on how to maximize income and decrease expenses.


We provide our clients with the help and guidance they need to implement their financial plan by:

  • Guiding and helping with appropriate applications
  • Following up with agencies
  • Advocating on behalf of clients as they navigate through the system
  • Linking clients to credit counseling
  • Helping clients obtain necessary documentation for benefits


We develop an ongoing relationship with clients and regularly re-evaluate their progress.

Call  866-JFCS-NOW (1-866-532-7669) to schedule an appointment. For your first appointment you will be asked to bring:

  • Proof of income
  • One month of bills (rent/mortgage, utility bills, credit card bills)
  • Lease agreements

Other Helpful Financial Information

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