Chesed Venture Group - JFCS of Greater Philadelphia

Chesed Venture Group

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Purpose: To provide financial assistance to middle income clients suffering from a financial crisis due to the economy, illness, or other life changes, with the goal of ensuring self-sufficiency and stability after the crisis. Because of their income level, these families do not qualify for public assistance or traditional JFCS critical needs funding; Chesed Venture Group is often their only resource.

Members: Individuals and families

Minimum Annual Giving Level: $14,000

Voting Process:  Monthly, JFCS social workers vet and present cases to the group via email so the group can vote and/or ask questions quickly (within 48 hours) in support or denial of the grant request.

Criteria: The client must be Jewish; income and needs are fully assessed by JFCS; the grant will ameliorate the immediate financial hardship and stabilize the client; the grant will be paid directly to the vendor.

Maximum Grant Amount: $8,000

Group Gatherings: An annual dinner is held at one of the group member’s home to review the year and evaluate the program.

For more information, contact Pia Eisenberg, Senior Vice President of Community Engagement at 267.256.2018 or email