Give Help

Project Empower

Experience engaged giving

Purpose: To provide financial assistance to low income clients suffering from a financial crisis due to the economy, illness, or other life changes, to ensure self-sufficiency and stability after the crisis.

Members: Philanthropic professionals and corporations

Minimum Annual Giving Level: $500

Voting Process:  Monthly, JFCS social workers vet and present cases to the group via email so that the group can vote and/or ask questions quickly (within 48 hours) in support or denial of the grant request.

Criteria: The client’s needs are fully assessed by JFCS; the grant will stabilize the client; it will provide for basic needs above the maximum support available through the JFCS Critical Needs Fund; and the grant will be paid directly to the vendor.

Maximum Grant Amount: Varies

Group Gatherings: Networking receptions and volunteer opportunities throughout the year are held at local venues.

For more information, contact Jane Wexler, Director of Development at 267.256.2107 or email