Seth's Picks - JFCS of Greater Philadelphia

Seth’s Picks

A children’s enrichment funding group

Purpose: To provide financial assistance for children of all denominations from low income families, enabling them to enjoy educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities that will enrich their childhoods.

Members: Individuals and families devoted to ensuring the legacy of Seth Roman Levine

Minimum Annual Giving Level: $180

Voting Process:  As needed, JFCS social workers vet and present cases to the group via email so that the group can vote and/or ask questions quickly (within 48 hours) in support or denial of the grant request.

Criteria: The client’s family income and needs are fully assessed by JFCS; the grant will provide an educational, recreational, or cultural opportunity for a child; the grant will be paid directly to the vendor.

Maximum Grant Amount: $8,000

Group Gatherings: An annual walk or mitzvah project is organized in support of JFCS clients.

For more information, contact Debora Borenstein at 267.267.2109 or email