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Volunteer Application Form

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  • All volunteer communication will be sent via e-mail unless you request otherwise.
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  • I am applying for a volunteer assignment at Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia. Permission is hereby given to the Agency to contact the references named above, and perform a criminal history record check, as part of the Agency’s screening process. I have answered the questions above truthfully and will answer all further questions truthfully and to the best of my ability.  I understand that, if I give false information to the Agency, I will not be accepted (nor be allowed to continue) as a JFCS volunteer. I understand that certain information about me will be discussed with the client with whom I may work.  If there are facts that I do not want repeated, it is my responsibility to discuss this with the Volunteer Supervisor.  I further understand that as a JFCS volunteer, I must:  (1) maintain full client confidentiality; (2) fulfill the responsibilities and comply with guidelines of the volunteer position as specified by the volunteer department, (3) work in ongoing consultation with the volunteer program coordinator and social worker, and (4) report activity on a consistent basis. I understand that this application is not a guarantee of placement.