Care Management | People with Disabilities Services and Support | Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia

Care Management

We can help with day-to-day living

Simple tasks or daily routines may be overwhelming or challenging, and personal needs may be easily neglected when coping with the larger issues of an individual’s disability and its impact on the whole family. Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia is here to help. Our professional, caring staff, licenced social workers, takes a holistic approach in helping you define your goals and develop a customized plan for reaching them.


We assess each individual’s situation and evaluate:

  • The individual’s abilities, interests and goals
  • Family members’ needs and desires
  • Spiritual, physical, medical, and emotional needs of all family members

Customized Plan

JFCS will develop a customized plan that considers each individual’s goals and abilities in order to:

  • Maximize an individual’s abilities and expanding their repertoire of life skills so they can live the life of their choosing, as independently as possible
  • Explore appropriate support services based on individual needs
  • Personalize goals for transitions
  • Build connections to community
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Establish prevent and safety strategies

Implementation and Ongoing Support

We stay in touch with clients to ensure their plan is working by:

  • Providing both phone and in-person support
  • Setting and securing needed appointments
  • Advocating and empowering to assure services are provided and needs are met

Reassess and Regroup

As part of care management, we reassess how our clients are responding and make necessary changes when required by:

  • Regularly reviewing and modifying the care plan
  • Tracking and recording progress
  • Insuring that evidence-based best practices are maintained