Financial Assistance for People with Disabilities | Financial Support for People with Disabilities | Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia

Financial Assistance and Support

Making things a little easier

Every individual and family living with a disability has unique issues that challenge them every day. Worrying about having to pay for a much-needed service shouldn’t be one of them. Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia knows how critical it is to help people who are living with disabilities set goals and be able to achieve them. If that requires a specialized service that isn’t in a family’s budget, we can help.

How We Help

  • Crisis assistance: when emergencies and the unexpected strike JFCS is able to help with rent, utilities,  and clothing.
  • Basic needs: for some clients, it’s a struggle just to take care of basic monthly expenses. For those families JFCS has special funds that can assist with basic needs.
  • Assistance with camp: the camp experience can be extremely beneficial for individuals with disabilities; JFCS can help qualified families take advantage of camp programs.
  • Assistance for needed evaluations in order to obtain benefits and entitlements.

Subsidized services based on need.

Financial Counseling

  • We can help you complete applications for grants and benefits.
  • We offer credit counseling to keep your budget on track
  • We can help with estate planning so you can be sure your loved one is cared for.

The Hebrew Free Loan Society of Greater Philadelphia provides interest-free loans to Jews in our community. Personal and Business loans are available. For more information, visit



We are in challenging and unprecedented times. As we all navigate this new way of living and working together, one thing that remains constant is that JFCs is here for our clients and we are here for each other.


We are watching closely what our City, State and Federal government is saying and doing and translating that into what that means for us as an organization.


We are exploring ways to reach members of our community using the core competencies that we all have to alleviate stress and anxiety. We are communicating with many similar agencies across the country to learn more and better understand policies put forth from our Governor and the Federal government.


Many in the community want to help our clients and want to know what plans we have put in place to reach the most vulnerable.


You can be reassured we remain committed to providing the best care we can offer to all of our clients during these challenging times.


We continue to closely follow the community needs of the community we serve and how we address these ever changing needs.


JFCS is here for you and we will get through this together. Stay safe.